About us.

Climb Society is the exclusive USA distributor of the Synergy Power Tower. We are a group of fitness experts who appreciate top end equipment designed with great care and attention to detail. Our dedication to the fitness industry together with overall health and wellness has led us to discover one of the greatest cardio machines ever built. The first version of the Power Tower was developed more than 20 years ago, and they are still operating proving the durability of the craftsmanship.

Our team consists of former professional athletes, fitness studio owners, exercise science professionals, certified fitness trainers, coaches, scouts and high-level sports executives. We provide unmatched industry knowledge and expertise in the world of fitness.

The mission of Climb Society is to offer quality performance equipment that caters to all levels ranging from rehabilitation clients to elite athletes. Our goal is to implement a highly effective tool for strength training, endurance, toning, agility and overall health to the entire fitness community.

Manufacturer History.

The Calgym/Synergy group has a long and proud history as world leaders in the innovation, design and evolution of strength training equipment. The Synergy group was the very first to design and manufacture compound converging/diverging arc, unilateral movement technology to its upper body pin loaded machines in the early 1990’s. These original, very simple, yet highly effective revolutionary designs still form the basis of our Synergy strength line and are now essentially copied in various forms by most other leading manufacturers around the world.

In 2012 Synergy began development on more uniquely innovative patent-pending products with Bilateral Stability Control technology on our pin loaded strength products, as well as a whole new range of Air Displacement Ergometers, married with a continuous variable transmission (CVT) and unilateral crank technology. These unique features effectively cater for all needs, whether general fitness, rehabilitation, or elite sports specific clients.

No other brand in the world can offer Bilateral Stability Control or unilateral movement across an entire range of strength and cardio products. Synergy Fitness has also developed uniquely efficient and effective simulated altitude training systems, making hypoxic training now a truly viable commercial fitness training option.